strawberry-timeStrawberries: Ready to Pick! From 7:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week, weather permitting.

Black, Red, and Golden Raspberries: Coming Soon, check back in July.

Blueberries: Available in Mid September, date TBA.

Sweet and Sour Cherries: This season is over – check back around Father’s Day


  • Akane, Burgundy, and Ginger Gold—Sept. 4th
  • Jona Mac and McIntosh – Sept. 14th
  • Honey Crisp and Cortland – Sept. 21st
  • Empire – Sept. 22nd
  • Macoun and Red Delicious—Sept. 28th
  • Jenna Blush, Golden Delicious, Jona Gold, and Snap Dragons – Oct. 2nd
  • Ida Red, Northern Spy, and Rome Beauty – Oct. 9th

Squash and Pumpkins: Mid September, date TBA